Speed Dating

Do you know what I did tonight?


Yes. For real.

So, I signed up with a service called 8minutedating.com. They have events where they pair you with 8 people for 8 minutes each.

My best connection was with the guy I sat next to before the event technically started, which I think is telling.

BUT. You want the dirt. This event was for “Professionals, ages 33-45.” I am a professional. I am 34. Sounded good to me. It was at a bar in the town neighboring mine. Did I drink too much at the bar?

…given that I was driving home, probably yes. But not so much that I felt really badly about it.

So. 8 dates. 8 minutes each.

Grover. Grover was a vegetarian, and very polite, but Boring As Dirt. He talked about how blind dates are rough, because you can usually tell in 10 minutes if it’s someone that’s going to work for the long haul, and then you’re stuck for hours. And I tried not to think, “Man, 10 minutes? I was there in 20 seconds, dude.”

There was a really scary guy whose name I don’t remember, so I’m not even going to make up a pseudonym for him, who talked the whole time about how much society sucked. That’s a no. There was another guy who complained about video game players, and how he was bullied too, dammit, and didn’t shoot people, so what’s wrong with everyone.

There were a LOT of guys who made Way Too Much Eye Contact. Seriously, dudes. At a certain point, it graduates to creepy, okay?

Also, eight minutes is really not enough. I don’t think it’s an accident that my only two yeses were a guy I wound up in two sessions with and the guy I talked to for 15 minutes while waiting for the event to start. We’ll see if either of them liked me enough to put me down, too.


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