Dance Party!

I had a date planned for last night, and he had to cancel because he was sick. I was a little bit bummed, but not as much as I kind of felt like I should be, which is probably an indication that that particular relationship isn’t going to be a keeper, although we’re having some fun for now.

It left me with a big gap in my schedule, though – the kids are away all this weekend, and my planning had been dinner date on Friday, afternoon into evening date on Saturday, Sunday morning at church, and then Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon all for me.

The idea of turning from that to “Friday night date, next two days sitting around home with my parents” was… unappealing. So I started to look for something to do.

After a lot of searching and some cries for help, someone recommended I look into a dance group, and it felt Right. So I did some quick Google searching, and found a West Coast Swing social dance around twenty minutes from me.

For only $12, they offered an hour-long beginner’s lesson, plus admission to the social dance afterwards. I had no idea what to expect, but I tried East Coast Swing over a decade ago with my then-fiancee, and I really loved it. I haven’t had any chance to keep my skills up, so I remember literally nothing but the “rock-back step step” rhythm of it.

I had a blast. I was so, so, so bad at it, but the men there were the most tolerant and patient people on the planet, and complimented me on my (very, very small) successes while encouraging me through the disasters that had me cracking up.

And they kept asking me to dance! Two different guys even asked me twice, in spite of the incompetence of our first rounds. (I am a very bad follower, because I like to see what’s coming, so I keep trying to anticipate their instructions.) A few of them offered me pieces of general advice or determined to show me new steps – which I managed to perform, but could not possibly describe today.

It’s not really a dating-type event – the average age there was, um, high, but it was a fun thing to get me out and moving and socializing with people, and I may try to get back sometime. I don’t think I’m ever likely to be a serious dancer – the people who travel to different events every week, and hit several a week – but it was a fun, fairly inexpensive night out.


One thought on “Dance Party!

  1. Glad you had a good time! Sometimes it’s more about just going out and enjoying yourself more than anything else, isn’t it? Going on dates (not that I remember what that’s like anymore), feels to me like you have to be on best behaviour all the time, whereas going and doing something fun, it’s more about the pure joy of the moment.

    That said, I hope your dates will reschedule.


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