Go Boise State!

So, what did Eliza do tonight?

Eliza went to a BAR.

A sports bar.

And do you know what Eliza learned? If you are me, and you go to a sports bar and strikes up a conversation about the football game, men just kind of… circle you.

It was so. Fucking. Weird.

And awesome. But weird, too.

So, I went to this bar. I mostly went because they were supposed to have karaoke, but I did not end up doing any karaoke. Instead, I asked the guy two seats down if he had a favorite in the Boise State/Fresno State game, and we ended up talking about yesterday’s Patriots game.

I am good at talking about football.

Within around three minutes, the guy on the other side of me had put away his phone and joined the conversation. Then someone came across the bar to take the empty seat between me and the first gentleman. When phone-guy left, a pair of guys from across the room came and took his place.

And we talked sports. We talked places to live and travel. There was one guy who was clearly in full-on flirt mode, and I was 100% ready to join him in that game, so we got fun and touchy-flirty. He showed me photos on his phone from the Bills/Patriots game last weekend, and I leaned into his shoulder to look. I bumped elbows with him. When he told me the only two football jerseys he owned were Jets and Steelers, and I told him I didn’t even know why I was talking to him, I play-slapped his hand.

He was clearly into it. I was into it. It was fun.

Before he left, he asked if I’d like to watch a game with him sometime, and I politely declined. I did have fun, but it felt like play-acting, like I’d narrowed myself down to such a small part of myself that I wasn’t really me anymore. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but I didn’t get the sense this guy would really be interested in me as a whole person, and honestly… me as a whole person wouldn’t be very into him, either. He doesn’t fit my life.

So I said no. But I did have fun, and it was an interesting icebreaker into the wide world of bars.


2 thoughts on “Go Boise State!

  1. Hi. I’m the guy who, way back when, mentioned that real life would probably fit you better. And here you go, proving that you’re a natural flirt. Good job.

    I will say not to worry so much if you come off a little one-sided on the initial meet. Everyone does that on initial meets, to play off any compatibilities and show off their best side. Still, if you didn’t get the feel that he’d be a good fit for your life, no pressure for any follow through. Just congrats on realizing that people in real life totally think you’re notice-worthy.


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