Signing Off….

So, we’re at the halfway point of this experiment now, and I… am kind of just done?

I may come back in a while, if my current thing falls apart, but I’ve met a guy, and it’s… sort of amazing and wonderful right now. He breaks pretty much all of my rules for this experiment, and I’m sort of okay with that.

Per my rules, I’m not going to talk about him (except yes: I already did, in one of the many ways he breaks my rules).

But the reality right now is… I don’t want to take time away from him to spend looking for more bad dates. I don’t want to keep casting around for possibilities. I want to share lunches with him, and attend parties with him and his friends (another personal rule violation!). I want to cuddle in his living room and make snarky jokes about movies with him.

I was over at his place last night, in the two and a half hour Wednesday stretch between work ending and my ex bringing the kids back home to me, and I just never wanted to leave. Everything about it felt right, and good, and wonderful. Why on earth would I give up any time I can settle in and enjoy that to try to make awkward smalltalk over wine?

It’s early days still — we’ve only been involved in this Thing for just over two weeks. Both of us are doing that thing where we talk about the holidays or spring breaks or the summer and have to self-edit — well, of course we can’t make plans. We can’t expect… but we both want to. I just kind of want to crawl into him and curl up to hibernate for the winter, warm and affectionate and contented.

So this may be my last post for a bit. It’s been a fun ride, and thank you all for coming along!


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