Rules of the Game

What are my site guidelines?

I have a few.

  1. All names are changed.
  2. All identifying data about the men not in my life is scrubbed.
  3. Some details about me may be less than 100% true, but the truthiness of me is hopefully intact.
  4. “Quotes” from men are probably edited, because I don’t want to out them too intensely. If they find themselves here via my words, they can deal with it. My own quotes are mostly intact.
  5. I get to define what a “date” is.
  6. Seriously. Don’t argue with me about definitions. I am the only one who decides what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.
  7. I’m not dating anyone I know from my real life during this experiment. I’m not dating friends of people I know, or brothers of people I know. The whole point of a dry run like this is that I can close the door on it without introducing awkwardness into my daily life.
  8. I will not post about anyone until I’ve decided the door is closed on that connection. The good date stories won’t be here. When things go bad, I’ll give a recap of the entire story.

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